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Fabrication Capabilities

Not all jobs can be completed with uniform fasteners, sometimes custom sized parts are required – enter custom fabrication. For the primary use in cell tower modification, the Allfasteners custom fabrication process provides customers with unique pieces specific for their jobs. Our process takes a generic problem and makes it into a custom solution.

Custom Tower Solutions

AF Tower - a subdivision of Allfasteners - offers a wide range of fabrication capabilities for any industry need. Our highly trained staff will make job drawings come to life, by creating premium quality pieces needed to complete your job.

Capabilities include

  • Cutting
  • Punching
  • Burning
  • Welding
  • Weld inspection
  • Bending
  • Press brake
  • Drilling

AF Towers locations boasts a full-size warehouse and workstation that allows us to keep all of our fabrication in house. In house fabrication allows us to have more control over the entire process, making the customer more up-to-date with information on the progression of their order.


The fabrication shop houses a full welding staff capable of producing high quality work for any application.

In addition to an experienced welding staff, AF also has a certified weld inspector on the team to ensure quality welds on every project. The weld inspector checks on all welding procedure specifications, building and welding plans, equipment calibration and all welding materials for every project.

In-house certified welders and weld inspectors (CWI) ensure your fabrication is completed according to the specifications and requirements for your project.

Backed by Experience

The team at AF Tower has decades of experience working in the fabrication sector. From machinists to welders, our team has the expertise you can rely on.

At every stage – initial design, fabrication and delivery – AF Tower’s experience ensures a successful completion of your project.

Have a Custom Job Requirement?

Need a custom piece for your next application? Or have questions regarding our fabrication capabilities and process, contact Allfasteners at 800.859.6060 or via email at