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Allfasteners Offers OX Tools

At Allfasteners, our goal has always been to provide our customers with top quality products at competitive prices. So, when we wanted top quality hand tools and accessories, we made sure to team up with one of the best in the industry, OX.

Known for Quality, Remembered for Performance

Since 1974 OX has been providing high quality professional tools to the general construction, masonry and tiling industries. “Powerful,” “dynamic” and “advanced” are the three words OX uses to describe their products, and through 40 years of service, those words remain true to this day.

Ox brand tools raise the benchmark for tool performance and OX is known for their innovation and toughness. With tools in just about every category, these tools are perfect for just about any industry.

For All Things Fastening and OX

For years, Allfasteners has been offering OX brand products to our customers so that they may have access to one of the best hand tool brands in the industry – all at our competitive pricing.

Our range of OX tools allows our customers to complete a multitude of applications. Whether that be with diamond blades or utility knives, customers can ensure crisp, clean cuts in cutting applications. Or one might take advantage of Allfasteners range of OX measuring ad marking tools that provide both magnetic and nonmagnetic box levels. For those who need to complete normal household tasks, the OX hammer is tops of the industry, or if you require more than one tool the drywallers rig value pack offers a combination of OX brand hand tools.

Not matter what OX brand tool you decide to choose from, Allfasteners has you covered with our tiered pricing system and speedy delivery options.

Looking Towards the Future

Allfasteners will soon expand our range of OX products including but not limited to: demolition tools, bricklaying tools, plastering tools, tiling tools and standard hand tools. This increased selection of OX brand tools will help to provide our customers with even more top quality products for a vast array of applications.

Check back soon to see when the new line of OX tools will arrive!

Want to Know More?

Want to know more about all the OX brand products we offer at Allfasteners? Contact a sales representative today by calling 800.577.3171 or via email, and they’ll happily answer any questions you may have.