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Save Time and Money with Split Nuts

When it comes to cell tower modification, time and money are two factors that cannot be wasted. To stop this from happening, one needs a solution that both saves time and money – enter the split nut.

The split nut’s unique design makes threading an anchor rod easier saving you time, and because it's under the Allfasteners tiered pricing option, it even saves you money. 

Split Nut

What is a Split Nut?

With the split nut, the need to thread an entire anchor rod through the nut is no more. This is due to the “split” design of the nut, creating two equal halves that allow the nut to move along the anchor rod without ever turning.

It was designed to provide the market with an innovative product that would help speed up time on the jobsite. Accompanied with four structural bolts, the split nut can be positioned to any point on the anchor rod and tightened with ease. This positive clamping action increases the radial load on the threads, which reduces the tensile bending stress at the root of the thread.

Utilizing the split nuts innovative design will save you time, making you never wanting to return to any previous methods.

Cut Time and Money

The AF Split Nuts is the efficient choice for fastening anchor rods because it eliminates wasted time screwing the nut over the entire rod. Being able to position the nut to the top, or bottom, of the rod will save you a lot of time to complete other tasks. Our split nut design allows for retrofitting of anchor rods to existing base plate, making your cell tower upgrade and installation time quicker and simpler.

For more information regarding the benefits of split nuts or other cell tower modification products, visit the AF Tower website, an entire website dedicated to the cell tower industry.

Inquire for More Information

For more information regarding split nuts, contact Allfasteners via email or by calling 888.859.6060.