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Screw Anchors – The Removable Concrete Anchoring Solution

Screw Anchor

When it comes to general fastening applications into concrete most might not know what to use. Unlike other substrates that have a ton of tools and options for completing such tasks, concrete requires a more unique type of fastener to get the job done – the conveniently named concrete anchor.

Fastening into concrete more than once wastes time and energy. So, when the use of an expansion anchor risks cracking of concrete, you need another way. No to mention, sleeve or expanding anchors are single use, so if you need to move the anchor for any reason, you will have to use another one. This makes your choice in fastener crucial for your job.

Thankfully concrete screw anchors solves this issue. Often the size and width of these screws are closer to that of a standard screws helping these fasteners be firmly embedded into many types of masonry when fixing window frames, patio doors and the like.

Screw Anchor Install

Unlike chemical anchoring or sleeve anchors, concrete screw anchors can be removed with ease leaving the hole clear of debris – making miscalculations a quick fix. The dual-hardened body and large diameter self-tapping screw by nature make this anchor ideal for high load applications. Using their sharp edges, these anchors dig into the concrete without requiring any sort of expansion. Because of this the concrete screw anchor is ideal for connection points for holding down assemblies with base plates.

Screw anchors use rotation setting for high strength loading. The fasteners flexibility is well suited for close-to-edge or close-to-anchor fastening, as it does not expand and burst the surrounding substrate.

In general, if looking for a quick installation with the possibility of easy removal from concrete, the concrete screw anchor is the ideal solution.

Our Range

At Allfasteners, we offer a wide range of concrete screw anchors that are perfect for flush mounts, embedment into concrete ceilings and everything in between. Check out the Allfasteners range of screw anchors here and by watching the video below.

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