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Strut Channel | The Universal Product?

Strut Stock

Typically used for providing light structural support, for services such as with wiring, mechanical or plumbing components, strut channel has an abundance of applications throughout the industry. From air-conditioning or ventilation system and other applications such as electrical conduit and roofing installation in buildings, these channels provide the structural support needed.

But what if these strut channels could be used for applications outside of the industry. This article will discuss some of the creative ways some people have taken advantage of strut channels.

Car Roof Rack

For those going on vacation or moving, having a roof rack to secure your luggage to is very important. However sometimes roof racks can be too small or have limited tie down spots. With strut channels, you can create a square made of strut and secure it to the rail inserts on your roof. It will provide more tie down spots and a wider base for your luggage to sit upon while moving.

Kayak Anchoring

If you are more of the outdoors type, then this creative use of strut channel may be for you. Taking two pieces of strut, some eye bolts, and screws with nuts and washers to create a T shaped anchor for your kayak to feed rope to a tie off spot. This allows your kayak to be guided out and gives it an anchoring position for the winter and fall months.

Unlock Your Creativity

Formed from metal sheet, strut channels are folded over along its edges to create a channel shape that holds fastening connectors from the ceiling or roof. Several pre-drilled holes in the channel allow for a flexible choice of where to fasten it, and its interconnectivity accommodates vast length of channel and perpendicular junctions.

We have pre-galvanized lengths in packs of 50, and depending on the quantity of packs you purchase, you can benefit from our tiered pricing system. We only source this product from accredited and trusted manufacturers, too, so you can be guaranteed that it will not only perform well, but also comply to stringent building codes.

Check out Allfasteners range of strut channel and see if they can be used for your next creative solution.

For Advice on Strut Channel, Ask Us

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