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The 5G Race & How Small Cell Leads It

As the race to 5G continues, everyone seems to understand the benefits of 5G and its potential to change the way we interact with the world. From telemedicine to more efficient and faster-moving cities, the benefits of 5G are simply amazing, but how will all of this come to fruition?

One of the main ways 5G will move forward is through the use of small cell poles.

5G Small Cell Pole

What Is Small Cell?

Small cell poles are extensions connected by fiber cables and attached to existing infrastructure – light poles, street lamps, etc. Similar to tower, small cell poles communicate wirelessly over radio waves to send signals across a network.

Why Does This Matter?

With mobile data traffic expected to double annually throughout the upcoming years, small cell poles will play an important role – expanding the wireless network capacity.

Because small cell poles can attach to any existing infrastructure, these poles can be placed in communities, cities and towns – making them more susceptible to the environment around them.

Implementing small cell poles into densely populated areas vastly increases the wireless capability of the surrounding areas due to the proximity of the pole to the device. Whereas current towers are placed in more rural areas and can result in slower speeds.

The real benefit of small cell – other than the increased network capability, seamless installation, etc. – is the cost. Compared to a normal cell tower, small cell poles cost a fraction of the price.

The Allfasteners Advantage

Allfasteners prides itself in offering aesthetically pleasing concealment and small cell solutions that blend into the surroundings, while upholding high performance.

Allfasteners’ small cell poles can be engineered to complement any surrounding and for any requirement. Whether designed to replicate lighting, traffic or wireless communication structures – small cell poles can fit any surrounding architectural need.

  • AWS D1.1 certified and inspected welding
  • Multiple design options
  • 25-40’ standard heights
  • Hot dip galvanized
  • Exterior powder coating to withstand weather
  • Multiple diameters such as 10-12”
  • Light arms and architectural components available
  • Various foundation options
  • Engineering information available
  • Designed to Customers specification & requirements

For More Information About Small Cell, Contact Us

If you want to know more about our small cell capabilities, feel free to contact us via phone or email. Our team of experienced representatives is always happy to help.