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The Solution to Anchoring into Terracotta

Umbrella Insert In Terracotta

Terracotta is a clay substance that for centuries has been used in building material as structural support. Although it is a close relative to bricks, it is more fragile due to its usual hollow center. This makes anchoring into the material very difficult.

Most anchoring requires a pre-drilled hole, this is where the problem lies. Terracotta is very fragile to drill bits, which can cause larger chunks of the material to break off when drilling. One option is to tear down the entire structure, leaving you with a large expense and no time. Instead save time and money by choosing a fastener that will provide a secure hold while not damaging the terracotta. This fastener is known as the umbrella insert.

The Solution

Specifically designed for fastening to the face of terracotta, amongst other surfaces such as hollow concrete block and brick, the umbrella insert introduces a solution for anchoring into terracotta.

Using a carbide tipped drill bit to pre-drill a hole into the face of the terracotta the insert can adjust its shape to fit into the surface, providing your a secure fixture to anchor into while not disrupting the terracotta. Once the umbrella insert has been fully installed into the hole, the insert will expand to provide a high load capacity and strength. From here it is like every other anchoring application, simply thread the rod through the insert until optimal torque has been reached.

Using an umbrella insert when anchoring into hollow block surfaces gets the job done with a strong hold while keeping the aesthetics of the surface intact.

Pair with a Strong Epoxy

These inserts are best used with high strength epoxy to help ensure a strong hold. At Allfasteners we supply many different types of chemical anchors and epoxy adhesives, depending on environmental and engineering requirement, such as polyester, vinylester or epoxy-based resins. Our very own range of chemical products has been proven as effective time and time again, in heavy load applications.

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