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America’s Destination for Abrasives

When applications require the removal of rough edges or aggressive materials, look to abrasives to get the job done. Allfasteners offers a range of sizes and thicknesses for high demand applications on metal, stainless steel, cement and other materials.

At Allfasteners, we understand our customers require the very best in product quality. Our abrasives can be used in an abundance of applications spanning from grinding, sanding, polishing or cutting, to ensure you have the result you need. With varying sizes, the abrasives can cover any strength, speed or durability your job needs.

Inquiries? If you’re not sure which abrasives to use, contact us now on 800 577 3171, or via email, whether you need tips on applications or tools required. At Allfasteners, we have staff who have engineering and building backgrounds, so you can be rest-assured that our hands-on experience will help you get the job done properly.

For All Applications

Allfasteners supplies many different types of abrasives, depending on surface and application requirement, such as cut-off wheels, grinding wheels, sanding discs or flap discs. Our very own range of abrasive products has been proven as effective time and time again, in all applications.

  • Cut-off Wheel – These are designed for fast, clean cuts. Ideal for use on metal, cement and steel for masonry and other construction or fabrication applications.
  • Grinding Wheel – For use in grinding, deburring and sharpening, our grinding wheels are designed to perform to the highest standards.
  • Flap Disc – Made by overlapping small pieces or “flaps”, these flexible discs are used for the polishing or grinding of surfaces.
  • Sanding Disc – Ideal for dry sanding, the sanding disc is designed for use on wood and plastic to create a smooth finish on the remaining surface.

Allfasteners’ abrasives can be used in a variety of surfaces, from stone and concrete to metal and stainless steel, and wood amongst other masonry type applications. Need the power tools to get the job done? Allfasteners has you covered with our wide range of grinders for our abrasives.

For Top Quality Abrasives, Call Us

Inquiries about our abrasives or related products and their applications? Feel free to get in touch now, on 800 577 3171 or via email.