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America’s Source for Sanding Discs & Pads

Whether it be with a sanding disc or pad, excess material, small defects, corrosion, paint and rust can be removed from building surfaces such as wood, metal and plaster. Depending on the grit in use, sanding can produce a high-quality finish – smooth and blemish free.

At Allfasteners we carry both sanding discs and sanding pads. Attaching to disc sanders or rotary power tools, sanding discs are ideal for removal of unwanted buff marks on a surface. Sanding pads attach to a sanding machine and come in a variety of sizes. Sanding discs and pad are rated by their grit or coarseness – the higher the grit number the smoother the finished surface will be.

Inquiries? If you’re not sure which sanding products to use, contact us now on 800 577 3171, or via email, whether you need tips on applications or tools required. At Allfasteners, we have staff who have engineering and building backgrounds, so you can rest assured that our hands-on experience will help you get the job done properly.

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  • Resin Fiber Sanding Disc

    Resin Fiber Sanding Disc

  • FD/GD Surface Conditioning Pads

    FD/GD Surface Conditioning Pads

  • Replacement Pad for Fiber Disc

    Replacement Pad for Fiber Disc

  • Replacement Pad for Surface Conditioning Disc

    Replacement Pad for Surface Conditioning Disc

  • Hand Pads 6 x 9

    Hand Pads 6 x 9

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Supplying Fasteners for the Entire Nation

Need sanding abrasives delivered to where it’s convenient for you? Allfasteners has America’s leading shipping deals for fasteners and tools, and we deliver to any of the 50 states and beyond, promptly and professionally. Simply order now online or through our representatives.

We have many branches across the country, making it convenient for tradespeople to source high quality consumable hardware and building supplies. This includes sanding abrasives of all kinds. And if you don’t live near one of our branches, our online store is a market-leader in user ease and getting a great deal, thanks to our built-in tiered pricing system.

For Top Quality Abrasives, Call Us

Inquiries about our abrasives or related products and their applications? Feel free to get in touch now, on 800 577 3171 or via email.