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A Secure Hold

Fastening objects to or hanging things from plaster walls needs to be done in a certain way. If you don’t have stud available in the location you want to hang on, you need a fastener that is optimized to correctly spread the load of what you are hanging across the gypsum, further away from the hanging point, so you don’t damage your wall, and one that accommodates different hanging and hook requirements.

And for longevity, you need quality drywall anchors. At Allfasteners, we only supply the best, from reputable manufacturers. Being America’s place For All Things Fastening, we keep every type of anchor for embedding into gypsum, so you can get the job done exactly right.

From plastic expansion anchors to the metal toggle type, we have the perfect fasteners for hanging anything on the wall.

Inquiries? If you’re not sure of which fastener to use on your plaster wall, get in touch with us now.

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  • Toggle Bolt Anchor Pan Head Zinc

    Toggle Bolt Anchor Pan Head Zinc

  • Toggle Bolt Wing Zinc

    Toggle Bolt Wing Zinc

  • Snaptoggle™ Wall Anchor

    Snaptoggle™ Wall Anchor

  • Zip-Mate Wallboard Anchor

    Zip-Mate Wallboard Anchor

  • EZ Anchor™ Zinc

    EZ Anchor™ Zinc

  • EZ Anchor™ Nylon

    EZ Anchor™ Nylon

  • EZ Anchor™ Kit Zinc

    EZ Anchor™ Kit Zinc

  • EZ Anchor™ Kit Nylon

    EZ Anchor™ Kit Nylon

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A Few Examples of Drywall Anchors

Plastic or Nylon Expansion Anchors

Best used for very light-duty hanging jobs, like small picture frames or decorative items. They need to be force-expanded by a screw being driven through its core, so the anchor bites securely into the gypsum.

Threaded Anchors

Often known, on their own, as drywall anchors, these anchors feature their own very coarse thread for gripping the plaster, and they require no additional screw to make them work. And depending on loading requirements, these anchors come in either plastic or metal design.

Toggle Bolts

When a greater load needs distributing further across the gypsum sheet, the spring-loaded wings on toggle bolts firmly secure the fastener to the wall. These are pretty much the strongest anchor that can be used in the light duty category of fastener, for drywall applications.

Questions About our Drywall Anchors?

For any questions about drywall anchors or help with solving any challenge when fastening to gypsum walls , get in touch with the leaders For All Things Fastening now.