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Premium Hammer Drive Anchors

Also referred to as drive pin anchors, the hammer drive anchors are the ideal solution for medium duty applications into concrete or brick. Known by the name hammer drive because of its need of a “hammer” to “drive” the anchor into position.

Made of a corrosion resistant zamac alloy these anchors have a nail enclosed into a sleeve that once struck expands easily into concrete, brick or block. Similar to the expansion anchor, the hammer drive utilizes its design to spread the weight of the fixture allowing it to hold secure in most applications.

This anchor is commonly used for permanent applications into masonry surfaces. With medium load capacity these anchors are perfect for securing drywall tracks, gutters to the side of buildings and brackets into concrete.

Questions? For any further detail on the performance or application of this product, get in touch with us now.

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  • Zamac Hammer Drive Anchors

    Zamac Hammer Drive Anchors

  • Zamac Hammer Drive Anchors Grade 304 Nail

    Zamac Hammer Drive Anchors Grade 304 Nail

  • Flat Split Drive Anchor

    Flat Split Drive Anchor

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If you’re not sure which anchor is suitable for your application, you can ask our representatives. At Allfasteners, we have decades of experience with helping customers specify the correct tools and hardware for a great variety of jobs. We have backgrounds in building, engineering, safety and many other trades, so the advice you get from us is from first-hand experience.

Whether you are securing materials to concrete, stone or other types of masonry, Allfasteners are experts in supplying the right type of fastener to suit your project.

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