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Plastic Anchor Plugs for Everyday Use

When anchoring into sheetrock or masonry walls, the building material is sometimes too soft or brittle for the anchor to hold in place. Instead you need a solution that will support the fastener while maintaining the surface materials integrity – enter plastic anchor plugs.

The light weight design makes these anchors one of the most common anchors used in everyday applications, like hanging brackets, conduit and towel racks. The nylon, or vinyl, design expands to grip the hole to minimize rotation.

When a screw is installed into the anchor plugs it expands, exerting force against the material it is installed in. Like all other expansion anchors, these anchors exert the best strength in solid building material, such as concrete.

Require more information about plastic anchor plugs? Speak to one of our representatives about this product or any other products by calling 800.577.3171 or by emailing us.

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  • Mungo MN Nylon Plug

    Mungo MN Nylon Plug

  • Super Plastic Anchor

    Super Plastic Anchor

  • Super Plastic Anchor Kit

    Super Plastic Anchor Kit

  • Conical Plastic Anchor

    Conical Plastic Anchor

  • Conical Plastic Anchor Kit

    Conical Plastic Anchor Kit

  • Vinyl Plastic Plug

    Vinyl Plastic Plug

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Proper Installation Tips

When installing plastic anchor plugs, a few things will be required: the right drill bit, a hammer, and a screw or fastener.

For the plugs to be installed a pre-drilled hole must be made. This is done with the correct size drill bit. The hole should be slightly smaller than the maximum width of the anchor so that the anchor fits snug.

Once the hole has been drilled, insert the plug into the hole until it is flush with the surface. If the plug will not go flush, use a hammer to lightly tap the plug until so.

Lastly, using the correct size screw for the size plug, turn your screw, or fastener, into the plug, expanding the plug in place, completing the install.

For Top Quality Plastic Anchor Plugs, Call Us

Not sure which plug to use for your application? At Allfasteners, we have decades of experience with helping customers specify the correct tools and hardware for a great variety of jobs. We have backgrounds in building, engineering, safety and many other trades, so the advice you get from us is from first-hand experience.

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