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Proper Hole Clearing Equipment

When chemical anchoring it is important to clean the hole properly before setting your epoxy. Concrete dust, stones or other debris can block the threaded rod from reaching the full embedment depth. The leftover debris can interfere with the curing strength of the epoxy by mixing in with the chemical, not allowing it to grip to the substrate.

Sometimes the elements of the jobsite take over and standing water can fill up your hole. Chemical anchoring cannot be installed while the concrete is wet, the epoxy will not be able to cure correctly.

For these issues the chemical anchoring equipment, or hole cleaners, are the tools for the job. From wire brushes for removing the left-over debris or hole pumps for clearing out standing water, the range of equipment will thoroughly clean your hole, allowing you to properly embed your threaded fastener with a chemical anchor.

Inquiries about the chemical anchoring equipment? Get in touch with us now on 800 577 3171 or via email.

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  • Nylon Bristle Hole Clearing Brush

    Nylon Bristle Hole Clearing Brush

  • Wire Hole Clearing Brush

    Wire Hole Clearing Brush

  • Wire Brush 12in Extension T-Handle

    Wire Brush 12in Extension T-Handle

  • Wire Brush 12in SDS-Plus Adapter

    Wire Brush 12in SDS-Plus Adapter

  • Hole Clearing Hand Pump

    Hole Clearing Hand Pump

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Chemical Anchoring

Allfasteners supplies many different types of chemical anchors and epoxy adhesives, depending on environmental and engineering requirement, such as polyester, vinylester or epoxy-based resins. Our very own range of chemical products has been proven as effective time and time again, in heavy load applications.

Allfasteners’ chemical products can be used in a variety of substrates and situations, from stone to concrete to hollow and solid blocks, perforated bricks and other masonry types. And beyond floors or foundations, some of these products can be used in overhead positions.

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