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For drilling wider holes in ferrous and non-ferrous metal, these bits feature a hollow core and a cutting edge on the tip circumference. The cutting surface on the sides act similarly to a reamer; the bit cleans up the wall of the hole as it drills, for a perfect finish – square, straight and smooth.

Compared to a regular twist drill bit, an annular cutter is also more efficient. On a regular bit, you are trying to remove metal across the full width of the bit. On an annular bit, you are only removing metal across the width of the bit’s edge, because of the hollow core. Also, with an annular bit, you don’t have to pre-drill a pilot hole like you do with a regular bit, which saves time, and with a lot of companies, money. At Allfasteners, we stock a large range of sizes for this product, and a variety of material compositions, so you use the right bit for the right job.

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  • HSS Annular Cutter Bit

    HSS Annular Cutter Bit

  • TCT Annular Cutter Bit

    TCT Annular Cutter Bit

  • Pilot Pins for Annular Cutters

    Pilot Pins for Annular Cutters

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Allfasteners – a Cut Above the Rest

We have high speed steel cutter bits, as well as a tungsten carbide-tipped option for greater longevity. And due to our market-leading delivery and freighting procedure, we can have these bits to you in no time, in any US state.

Are you not sure which bit to use for your application? Allfasteners is America’s most trusted place for advice on trade tools and accessories. For help with choosing the correct annular cutter, contact us now.

Also, we can offer advice on which magnetic drill or drill press to use with our cutters. With Allfasteners, we support you from the beginning to the end of your project.

Call Allfasteners, the Annular Cutter Specialists

For a high quality carbide annular cutter at the cost of an HSS cutter, either buy online now or contact our representatives or your nearest AF HQ. Allfasteners takes pride in supplying quality products to American trades.