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Masonry nails – hardened nails used to fix objects to walls, ceilings and other surfaces. Their grooved shaft clings to the surface, preventing any loosening of the nail. These nails are good for medium duty applications when anchoring is not the preferred option.

For use in concrete, block and wood, the masonry nail is a medium-duty fastener that provides a strong hold with ease of removal. There are three types of masonry nails: round, square and fluted each that are ideal for permanent and non-permanent fastening.

Not sure which nail to use for your application? At Allfasteners, we have decades of experience with helping customers specify the correct tools and hardware for a great variety of jobs. We have backgrounds in building, engineering, safety and many other trades, so the advice you get from us is from first-hand experience.

Feel free to ask us any pre-purchase questions by calling 800 577 3171 or email us via our contact page form.

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  •  Round Metal Cap Masonry Nail

    Round Metal Cap Masonry Nail

  • Fluted Masonry Nails

    Fluted Masonry Nails

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For All Applications

We have masonry nails for medium to heavy duty applications. And due to our market-leading delivery and freighting procedure, we can have these nails to you in no time, in any US state.

Are you not sure which nail to use for your application? Allfasteners is America’s most trusted place for advice on trade tools and accessories. For advice with choosing the correct nails, contact us now.

Also, we can offer advice on which building materials will produce the best results for your fasteners. With Allfasteners, we support you from the beginning to the end of your project.

Inquires? Contact Allfasteners

Have questions about these products and their applications? Feel free to get in touch with us at 800.577.3171 or via email. For the best quality masonry nails see Allfasteners, America’s destination for All Things Fastening.