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Strong Sealing & Caulking Options

Originally used to seal food cans and envelops, sealant and caulking have evolved from their initial applications into more useful ones. When installing windows, doors, molding or siding making sure to have a good sealant will keep it looking good, while helping to extend the life of your project.

Caulking and sealant may have differences but share the same purpose – to fill gaps between building surfaces keeping water and air out. To some, these products may not seem necessary, but exposure to weather, and other elements, can cause your materials to lose strength and shorten their service life.

Caulking compounds provide a long lasting thermal and moisture protective seal between most building materials including wood, stone and tile, brick, drywall, metal, concrete, glass and vinyl. With great resistance to water, weathering and moisture vapor, caulking is the best solution for keeping your next job strong and durable for time to come.

Inquiries about the sealant or caulking for your application? Get in touch with us now on 800 577 3171 or via email.

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  • MC150+ Firestop Sealant - Red

    MC150+ Firestop Sealant - Red

  • AFPC55 Penetrating Concrete Sealer

    AFPC55 Penetrating Concrete Sealer

  • FIX607 Industrial Acrylic Duct Sealant

    FIX607 Industrial Acrylic Duct Sealant

  • AF405 White Siliconized Latex Sealant

    AF405 White Siliconized Latex Sealant

  • AF705 100%  Silicone Sealant

    AF705 100% Silicone Sealant

  • High Temperature Red Silicone

    High Temperature Red Silicone

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Products Whenever You Need Them

Allfasteners’ delivery system is a leader in ecommerce for building and construction industries. Simply purchase products online, gain benefit from our tiered pricing system on selected products and get it delivered to your job site quickly.

Tools to Get the Job Done

At Allfasteners, we have the tools needed for every application including dispensing caulking. Having the right tool for any job cannot be stressed enough. The difference of having the right tool vs the wrong tool can save you time and money on your next job. Browse Allfasteners range of dispensing applicators to save you time on your next sealing job. 

Inquires? Contact Us

Not sure which sealant or caulking to use for your application? At Allfasteners, we have decades of experience with helping customers specify the correct tools and hardware for a great variety of jobs. Feel free to ask us any pre-purchase questions by calling 800 577 3171. Or email us via our contact page form.