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And…Why Use Them?

A common problem with installing windows and door frames, especially if the building is old or the frame build is not square, is alignment. And it’s not only alignment, but also the issue of needing an extra hand to hold the frame in alignment while you fasten it. Or, if the building has moved, you may experience uneven gaps between the window frame and the jamb, and subsequent drafts, because the frame is not level or plumb vertically.

Enter: shims. These have traditionally been made in an ad-hoc manner from a wedge of scrap lumber. They are hammered-in where needed, and the excess protrusion is cut off, so it is flush inside the gap. Of course, wood is fine, but there are now better ways.

Today, these products, also known as packers (or ‘horseshoe’ or ‘window’ packers in a lot of instances), shims are often made from high-strength PVC, for rot-resistant properties. Or, for use in more industrial situations, such as blind-bolting during structural upgrades on cell phone towers and the like, galvanized metal.

Shims for All Uses

Horseshoe Shim – made from solid polypropylene, with extremely high compression strength. They will never corrode or rust, nor rot, shrink or expand. Ideal for window and door frame leveling, plus floor joist, wall and ceiling batten and joinery packing. Manufactured to the highest national standards and available in several color-coded sizes for easy reference and versatility.

Stack Shim – available in in 1” stacks of 16 pieces a pack, these packers shims feature five length adjustments thanks to snap-off segments. Available in three sizes. Eligible for our tiered pricing system – you are rewarded for bulk purchases.

Horseshoe Metal Shim – specifically designed for the cell phone tower maintenance industry. Used to level uneven flat plates on tower modifications.

Custom – Allfasteners also offers custom shims for specialist shimming jobs.

For Quality Shims, Call Us

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