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America’s Destination for Hex Cap Screws

Found in building and other construction projects, hex cap screws are ideal for woodworking, machinery and mechanical repair. These screws have a hex head and washer face on the bearing surface, unlike the hex bolt which does not feature the washer face.

Hex cap screws may have a built-in shoulder which increases the tensile strength of the bolt. Grade 2 hex cap screws are commonly used in noncritical applications where the fastener is not subject to extreme temperatures or stress beyond certain material strengths.

Grade 5 hex cap screws have greater tensile strength and are designed for use in high stress applications. Grade 8 hex cap screws are still stronger for ultra-demanding uses such as in performance vehicles. The stainless steel hex cap screws are used in products that require general atmospheric corrosion resistance and outdoor applications.

Want to know more about hex cap screws and their applications? Contact your nearest Allfasteners representative by calling 800.577.3171 or by filling out the contact us form.

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  • Hex Cap Screw Gr 2 Zinc

    Hex Cap Screw Gr 2 Zinc

  • Hex Cap Screw Gr 5 Zinc

    Hex Cap Screw Gr 5 Zinc

  • Hex Cap Screw Type 304 Stainless Steel

    Hex Cap Screw Type 304 Stainless Steel

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From All Shapes and Sizes

We have hex cap screws in grade 2 and grade 5 zinc, as well as type 304 stainless steel. With our market-leading delivery, we can have these threaded fasteners to you in no time, anywhere in the USA.

Are you not sure which screw to use for your application? Allfasteners is America’s most trusted place for advice on trade tools and accessories. For advice with choosing the correct hex cap screws, contact us now.

Also, we can offer advice on which building materials will produce the best results for your fasteners. With Allfasteners, we support you from the beginning to the end of your project.

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Inquiries about our hex cap screws or related products and their applications? Feel free to get in touch now, on 800 577 3171 or via email.