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  • Terracotta and Hollow Block Anchoring | Product Overview

    Terracotta and Hollow Block Anchoring | Product Overview

    For the ideal solution when anchoring into terracotta and hollow block look to the umbrella insert for the best results. The umbrella insert offers strong load bearing capacity while keeping the aesthetics of the surface intact.

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  • Plastic Shims | Product Overview

    Plastic Shims | Product Overview

    Made with extremely high compression strength, plastic shims will never corrode, rust, rot, shrink or expand. Ideal for window and door frame leveling, plus floor joist, wall and ceiling batten. Manufactured to the highest national standards and available in several color-coded sizes for easy reference and versatility.

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  • Abrasives | Product Overview

    Abrasives | Product Overview

    Allfasteners abrasives can be used in an abundance of applications spanning from grinding, sanding, polishing or cutting. With varying sizes, the abrasives can cover any strength, speed or durability your job requires.

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  • SDS-Plus Commander Bits | Product Overview

    SDS-Plus Commander Bits | Product Overview

    Allfasteners SDS-Plus Commander 4-cutter carbide tipped bits provide longer drilling life with less vibration in a number of materials. For use on reinforced concrete, masonry, brick, stone and aggregates, these bits are designed to drive the drill straight increasing strength.

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  • At the AF Desk At the AF Desk | Core Bits

    At the AF Desk At the AF Desk | Core Bits

    At the AF Desk is a video series where we review our products. For this conversation we discuss our core drill bits with our sales representative, Calvin. Increased depth range and universal connections, these core bits are the perfect solution for drilling into concrete.

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